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Here's what I can NOT do:

*act as a therapist

*act as a pharmacist

*act as a licensed counselor

*give legal advice

What I CAN do:


*address current issues

*help set goals

*SOLVE setbacks

*find solutions

*be a team mate and guide you through what ever it is you are struggling with. 

While I have limits to what I can do, I understand human emotions. I do not expect an overly happy "soul" at every appointment. Life always throws curve balls. My goal is help guide you through your current struggle; ask you the important questions; and either direct or redirect the path to a better solution. Ex: You reach out to me for stress management and together (with a set of tools), we set up long term goals; within these long term goals, we set up shorter goals to help reach solutions of how to mange your stress; along the way you realize that you need help with family. My goal would be to help you in the redirection of realizing that a part of that stress is contributed to family and a goal may then become setting boundaries. Those goals we set will then become our new short term goals. We redirect; set different goals; and then continue to work towards a solution for the long term.


*Remember, I am on your team. Set back to comeback; we got this!*

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