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Thank you for checking out the Frequently Asked Questions! If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me via EMAIL for more information. I hope to hear from you soon! You've got this.

What are life coaches?

      *Life coaches help an individual reach their potential through goal(s) following guidance, compassion and self-reflection. 

Do life coaches need to have a degree or be certified?

      *Life coaches do not need to be certified nor do they need to obtain a degree. That being said, I do have certification as a life coach and my knowledge on the subject is ever growing. 

What is needed to make an appointment/consult visit?

     *Appointment sessions will be done online. 

     *You need a quiet/uninterrupted space.

     *An email address.

     *Internet connection

     *Cell phone/Computer/Tablet

     *Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Zoom 

What will a consult visit consist of?

     *Prior to your consult visit, I will ask that you fill out my pre-questionnaire so I can get a better understanding of where your perspective is in the now. **There are no wrong answers; no judgements; just honesty please.**

     *Should you have any questions about Life Coaching, I will answers those first, so please have a list ready if you do. 

     *At checkout for your Tier, you will see the Terms and Conditions. You must agree to them to go forward. It's a binding agreement, so please make sure you read ALL Terms/Conditions. I will also email attachments to be looked over, verified for accuracy (includes time period, tier choice, invoice, further clarification on privacy, etc.), and returned agreement from you, the client.

What do I mean by "monthly" for sessions?

     *Monthly is for the 4, one hour sessions. The 8, 30 minute sessions are NOT equal to calendar days. I.e.- For Tier 2, those 8 sessions can be divided into 2 calendar months. If we start the beginning of April, you can finish the sessions in May. Contact me via email for any further clarification.

What will appointments consist of?

     *Talking. Lots of talking and working through what ever obstacle may be holding you back from living in your fullest potential. 


     *Roleplaying (If the correct circumstance arises, I may ask you to either be the hinderer or I may be the hinderer. Those conversations are important to work through)

Are your results guaranteed? 

     * I do not guarantee results. Why? Because we are a team. It's up to the both of us to give 100%. From honesty in conversations, to honesty in worksheets, to any small goals being accomplished and if not why; we are a team.

Do you offer any payment options?

     *Payment options are: PayPal, Apple, Mastercard, Visa (Others are available!); Their terms and conditions apply.

When are payments due?

     *Payment(s) are due 2 days prior to your appointment. Without a payment, the appointment will not take place.

Does insurance help cover the cost of a life coach?

     *Insurance does NOT cover the cost of a coach.

Will I be able to receive a refund?

     *I do not give refunds. (See FAQ about Results)

     *There is zero tolerance towards disrespect. Therefore it will not be allowed in any sessions. This includes: any type of violence, abuse, and other explicit topics. I will politely give you a warning. A second time of reminding means that I will terminate the agreement and you will not get a refund back.

What is the cancellation policy?

     *Due to the fact that sessions are paid for in advance, there is no cancellation policy but a RESECHEDULE policy. I understand that things can get hectic. I ask this of you:

-A two hours notice of needing to be rescheduled.

-Let me know what days and times work best for you.

What about your privacy?

    *Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. Everything within our sessions are confidential. This will be bound by contract once an agreement to proceed is in place. (See FAQ Consult). Payment information will be secured at all times. 

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